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Nebraska Inter Service Family Assistance Committee (ISFAC) Meeting
June 26, 2014 | Bryan Medical Center West

The next Nebraska ISFAC meeting, hosted by Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Coalition, will be held on June 26, 2014 at Bryan Medical Center West in the Education Conference Center A and B (2300 South 16th Street in Lincoln, NE). The meeting will feature presentations on the Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Coalition, common issues faced by first responders, Bryan Medical Center’s Mental Health Service, grief and bereavement, and a LOSS Team panel. Click here to view the agenda

Suicide Outreach Coordinator Named

We would like to welcome Jennifer Fry as the Outreach Coordinator at Interchurch Ministries of Nebraska. Jennifer Fry graduated Summa Cum Laude of her class with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations from Doane College. Her undergraduate career focused on crisis intervention, suicide prevention, grief and bereavement management, and the mental health of rural cultures. Jennifer is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Counseling at Doane College and plans to become dually licensed as a Mental Health Practitioner and Drug and Alcohol counselor. As a graduate student, Jennifer has focused her research on suicide prevention and postvention, earning her several accreditations. Jennifer is a member of the American Counseling Association and the American Association of Suicidology and currently serves on the Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Coalition and the Lincoln/Lancaster County Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors (LOSS) Team.

The Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Coalition Local Seed Grant Application is Now Available
Click here to view the application.

Senator McGill Brings Suicide Prevention and Awareness to the Forefront
LINCOLN, NE - Senator McGill remains resolute in her focus on the mental and behavioral health needs of youth in Nebraska by introducing LB 923, a bill requiring training on suicide awareness and prevention for school personnel. “LB 923 is part of a greater conversation we need to have about mental health in Nebraska,” said Sen. McGill. A hearing for LB 923 was held on Monday, January 27, 2014.

Those attending the hearing include (back row) Dave Miers, Frank Brickacek, Senator Amanda McGill, Jason Rosso, (front row) Jeanne Pfeifer, Aileen Brady, Jean Duffy, Marilyn Tallman, and Amie Nelson.

Click here to read the full news release.

Click here to read an article published in the Omaha World Herald on LB 923.

A Look at Suicide Prevention Northeast Nebraska
WJAG, NewsTalk 780 in Norfolk, NE recently featured a number of interviews with area residents affected by suicide including Pastor David Cox: “They [suicidal individuals] believe there is no hope, there is no future. There is no situation that will make what they feel any better. And it is that emptiness and that despair for emptiness that drives them to a point of not being able to see the next minute, let alone the next day, or any future. And that is part of where you have to work with people who are suicidal, to give them hope.” Experts recommend seeking help as soon as you suspect a friend or family member is contemplating suicide. Although it is a difficult conversation to have, getting a person to talk about their situation makes them feel less isolated and may prevent them from attempting suicide.

Family members and friends left behind (referred to as survivors) often wonder if there is anything they could have done to prevent the situation. A survivor’s support group meets every second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the First Baptist Church (404 West Benjamin Avenue) in Norfolk, Nebraska. To find a support group in other parts of the state, visit the Kim Foundation website.

Many helpful resources are available for people in Northeast Nebraska including a 24-hour helpline run by Behavioral Health Specialists Inc. (1-888-370-7003) and a national suicide prevention hotline (1-888-273-8255).  Nebraska’s network of care is an on-line searchable resource to help you find the right service for you.

Click here to listen to the WJAG, NewsTalk 780 audio segment from January 6, 2014
Click here to listen to the WJAG, NewsTalk 780 audio segment from January 7, 2014
Click here to listen to the WJAG, NewsTalk 780 audio segment from January 8, 2014
Click here to listen to the WJAG, NewsTalk 780 audio segment from January 9, 2014
Click here to listen to the WJAG, NewsTalk 780 audio segment from January 10, 2014

Save the Date: January 21, 2014 12:00 CST
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Tribal Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Center is pleased to invite you to a “Learning Community” webinar: “WE ARE MORE THAN 2 SPIRITS”. This panel presentation will focus on how being Two Spirit has influenced our activism, our art, our scholarly work, and our visions for our communities. Click here for more information.

The Gospel According to Josh

“The Gospel According To Josh”, featuring Josh Rivedal in a 15 character, one-man show about a journey through religion, reality TV and his father’s suicide, came to Norfolk, Columbus, and Wayne on October 16 and October 17. The event was sponsored by the State Suicide Prevention Coalition, the Northeast Nebraska Coalition for Suicide Prevention, and the Norfolk Area United Way. 170 people attended the morning performance and 70 people attended the evening performance in Norfolk. Roughly 25 people attended the performance at Wayne State College. A performance was also given at Central Community College.

Omaha World-Herald Recognizes Suicide Prevention Efforts
Suicide prevention is an uphill battle but we are making progress in Nebraska. The cooperative effort of organizations across Nebraska was lauded in an online article for the Omaha World-Herald on October 6. This editorial reviews the statistics across Nebraska for suicide in comparison to national figures and what efforts we’ve made to reduce the number of people affected.

The article includes quotes from Scot Adams, director of the Department of Health and Human Services' Behavioral Health Division, calling the coordinated effort on suicide prevention “impressive” and that he was “struck by how effectively local organizations worked together on the issue.”

Read the full article here.

National Suicide Prevention Month
The month of September 2013 has been declared National Suicide Prevention Month by Governor Dave Heineman. Click here to view the Proclamation.

Like doing good for your body and your community? During the months of August and September, Natural Grocers in Lincoln and Omaha will be matching donations (up to $15,000) benefiting the Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Coalition. Your donations will help save the lives of children and youth at risk of suicide. Natural Grocers in Lincoln is located at: 212 N 48th Street. Natural Grocers has two locations in Omaha: 7831 Dodge Street and 17602 Wright Street.

2013 LOSS Conference: Save the Date!
Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation in partnership with the National Loss Team Committee invites you to save the date for The National Loss Team Conference: In the Journey of Loss, We Can Find Meaning Again.  The conference will be held September 10-11, 2013 in Columbus, Ohio.  Dr. Frank Campbell will serve as the Keynote speaker this year. For more information, visit the LOSS Website.

NSSPC Featured in National Council Magazine
The Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Coalition (NSSPC) and professionals from the University of Nebraska Public Policy Center (PPC) were featured in the National Council Magazine (2012, Issue 2). NSSPC was cited for their work in aiding communities to restrict lethal means of suicide in homes. This accolade was featured in an article by Denise Bulling, Senior Research Director at the PPC, and Dave Miers, Co-Chair of the NSSPC in the Nebraska Says There Is No End Without Means article. Kate Speck, Senior Research Manager at the PPC was quoted and commended for her work in education workshops this year. Check out the articles on pages 124 and 154!

New “Suicide in America” Infographic
To show the enormous impact this public health problem has on individuals, families, workplaces, the healthcare system, and society, and to promote its prevention, the  National Council created a new infographic, "Suicide in America."

Nebraska LOSS Team

In coordination with the Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Coalition and the LOSS Development Group, the Lincoln-Lancaster Outreach to Suicide Survivors Team began operating in July, 2009. The goals of the Lincoln-Lancaster Team are to both provide the clear message of hope, so that survivors can move through their time of shock and despair, and to sustain itself indefinitely within the Lincoln-Lancaster County community. Learn more at the Nebraska LOSS Team website.

NET Airs Program About Suicide Awareness and Prevention
"Ask A Question, Save A Life," a program aired on NET Television, discusses three groups of people at high risk for suicide: youth (suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people in Nebraska), the military and older adults. Click here to see the full video.

You will need QuickTime software to view this video.
Download QuickTime free at:

NET2 Airs Documentary on Veterans and their Families Coping with Brain Injury and PTSD
A one-hour television special entitled "Healing on the Homefront: Brain Injury & PTSD" aired on NET2 in November. The documentary follows three veterans and their families returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and their experiences as they struggle to understand their loved ones' new world of brain injury. In the second half of the program, Sgt. Trevor Stryker, a Marine Corps Veteran from Grand Island, NE will share his story of the struggles he encounters with alcoholism and eventual diagnosis of brain injury and PTSD.

Norfolk Mom Shares Story of Son's Suicide
This article tells the story of Donna Wolff of Norfolk, NE who lost her son to suicide two years ago. She began the SOS Support Group in Norfolk and is working with the Northeast Nebraska Suicide Prevention Coalition to inform the public about suicide. To view the article about Donna and the recent Question, Persuade, and Refer (QPR) Training in the Columbus area, click here.

Not Alone Podcast: Nebraska Suicide Prevention Coalition
The Kim Foundation and station KCRO, channel 660 AM based out of Omaha, have partnered to produce a live, talk radio program, Not Alone, focused on behavioral health and recovery. On September 6, they interviewed members of the Nebraska Suicide Prevention Coalition.
Listen to the podcast here.

LOSS Team in the News
The goal of the Local Outreach Suicide Survivors (LOSS) Team is to offer help and hope to further suicide survivors in the Lincoln area. This article tells the story of how these brave survivors have come to their position on the LOSS Team, as well as the journey they have taken together in helping others deal with traumatic experiences like their own.

  • Click here to view the first in the three-part series of articles in the Lincoln Journal Star.
  • The second article tells how Lincoln/Lancaster LOSS Team came to be. To view the article, click here.
  • The Lincoln Journal Star published a final article about the story of Cindy Lange-Kubick, a woman who is trying to get the word out about the LOSS Team. Click here to view the article.

Suicide Survivors Seminar in Norfolk, NE
Donna Wolfe, a representative of the Norfolk Coalition of Suicide Prevention seed grantee, is a suicide survivor on a mission to help others move forward after losing close family members or friends to suicide. As a result of her education and advocacy efforts, a Suicide Survivors Seminar will be held on June 10th at the Faith Regional Health Services in Norfolk, NE. Click here to read more.

Channel 10/11 News Story about Suicide Prevention in Nebraska
Click here to view the video.

Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Coalition Bylaws Approved
The Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Coalition voted to approve their bylaws on December 3, 2010.
To download the Nebraska State Coalition Bylaws click here.

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